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    • Social Activities & Special Events

    • Offering Outdoor Course Options

    • Educational Courses for Adult Learners

      2024 Winter Course Catalog
      6-week courses will start the week of January 22 and go through early March.


      HOLIDAY LUNCHEON December 7, 2023
      11:00AM  Holiday Inn Saratoga Springs

      Fundraising Bookfair at Barnes & Noble
      Saturday, December 9, 9AM-5PM

      Sundaes Best Hot Fudge Sauce Fundraiser
      Friday, December 1-9


      What students are saying about Academy For Lifelong Learning courses and the leaders who provide them.
      • There was incredible participation. The teacher was great! Informative, interesting, and well presented.

      • Leader did a great job. Totally awesome.

      • I’m new to ALL, and I look forward to seeing more great offerings.
      • Each leader and the topics presented were very interesting and diverse.  I enjoy the various topics.

      • Excellent, interesting slides and commentary. I really enjoyed the class. It was perfect for me. 

      • Instructors are very good and able to lead discussion. As wilth previous classes, I found it very educational and enjoyable. 

      • Well-rounded group and balanced discussion. I enjoyed being able to participate in a course even though I was out of state. ZOOM has changed so much, opened new opportunities. 

      • I had not been a reader of short stories; this opened a new genre for me. Leaders always do such a great job.

      • I loved my classes! Per usual, leaders were great and the content very useful!
      • It was nice to be in a classroom again - like the “good ole days.” My impression of the session overall was very favorable. Leader was very prepared and very generous! Who knew there was that much to learn!? 

      • Leader’s personal stories of her experiences rounded out the history lessons nicely. I would sign up for any of her courses if I could.

      • It covered a lot of information, heard stories from participants too. I always find classes interesting and informative.

      • Good topic, practical and easy to understand. An especially lively discussion with a curious and educated group of people made this class enjoyable.

        The Academy for Lifelong Learning, founded in 1992, is an independent, self-funded nonprofit with its own budget and is governed by its own membership. It could not function without the active involvement of the people who participate as members, students, volunteer study group leaders, donors, general volunteers, and paid staff who support the central academic mission.